• The Story of Ehrman Crest

    Seneca Valley School District first came into existence with the dedication of Evans City High School on March 11, 1938. Over a 50-year period, many additions and renovations would be made to expand the learning environment and welcome new educational opportunities.

    Evans City Elementary School/Middle School served students and families for over 80 years before closing its doors in 2022 as part of a feasibility plan that began in 2014. 

    At the conclusion of the 2014-2015 feasibility study, which looked at building capacity, utilization, costs, safety, and learning environment responsiveness, the District decided to hire an architectural firm to address the Evans City Elementary School/Middle School facilities. 

    Ehrman Crest

    On Sept. 10, 2018, after approving a contract with CannonDesign and years of researching and touring existing facilities, studying and reviewing data, comparing details, and listening to input, Seneca Valley School Board members approved moving forward with building a new elementary facility on the Ehrman Road site where the district owns 150 acres over Cranberry and Jackson Townships. 
    The construction project was part of a four-year plan designed with the help of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The facility was designed with the focus of sustainability, and would serve as a teaching tool using components like solar panels to educate students. 

    A unique part of Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School is the partnership with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and CannonDesign to provide active, hands-on experiences throughout the building so the learning spaces are more collaborative, relevant, and engaging for students. 

    Natural materials, along with varied and intentional access to the outside, provide opportunities for staff and students to gain authentic learning experiences and rediscover nature. 

    Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School also features separate elementary and middle school wings, along with a community wing that houses the Creativity, Innovation and Research Center (CIRC), as well as the gymnasium and music, art, and movement rooms.

    Evans City School

    “Anyone can make you a space that's a square box with square rooms. Is that what you want?” Dr. Tracy Vitale, school superintendent, said. “Teaching is what matters … but the building should complement teaching from the time the child opens the door.”

    In 2020, the District asked Evans City students and staff to submit names for consideration and, after 2,600 votes cast, they ultimately chose Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School as the new school name. The name Ehrman Crest maintains the same initials as Evans City, another way to honor the past school’s history and contribute to a legacy forging ahead.

    The cutting-edge facility serves as a learning tool that supports 21st Century skills and achievement of the Seneca Valley School District Mission Statement. The site also serves as a venue for stakeholder activities in the daytime and evening hours throughout the year, including but not limited to concerts, assemblies, open houses, book fairs, dances, meetings, sporting events and more.

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