Chief Terry Seilhamer

Posted by The Communications Department on 6/13/2024

End of an era

Chief Terry Seilhamer to retire from Jackson Township PD after 50 years of service

Jackson Township Police Chief Terry Seilhamer is a “stats whiz.”

And not just his police department stats, but when it comes to Seneca Valley sports team stats, “he’s better than any Google search,” according to Mr. Jason Young, SV Safety and Security Director.

Chief Seilhamer, who is retiring in August after 13 years with the Jackson Township Police Department (JTPD) and 50 years (yes, 50, another amazing statistic!) in law enforcement, plans to hang up the uniform, but not his love for SV. 

“More often than not, he would show up early to basketball games to talk to Ms. Heather Lewis, SV Athletics Director, about this year’s varsity boys’ and girls’ teams,” shared Mr. Young.

Chief Seilhamer with board

However, he wasn’t early just for the game, but to ensure the area was a secure environment. It was common to see the Chief on the secondary campus walking the stadium plaza with his officers, providing traffic control to move cars on and off the campus, and stepping in whenever and wherever needed.

Naturally, we couldn’t let him go without a proper thank you.

At the Monday, June 10, Seneca Valley School Board meeting, the Board and Administration named Chief Seilhamer the SV All-Star Award Winner for June 2024. The SV All-Star Club was developed to officially recognize and show appreciation to individuals who are often the unsung heroes of our school community. In the spirit of security, District officials were delighted to recognize Chief Seilhamer. And while it’s bittersweet, it is also very deserving for his years of dedicated service.

“You have always recognized and beautifully handled the delicate balance of chain of command, leading a police staff and understanding that we have to work together to make our schools safe,” said Dr. Tracy Vitale, Superintendent of Schools. “You have the respect of everyone in this School District and we will miss you dearly.”

The recognition included – and we would like to thank for their participation – JTPD officers, including our secondary campus school resource officers, neighboring department chiefs and township officials. Chief Seilhamer was appreciative, as well.

“Working to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the students and staff of the Seneca Valley School District has truly been a pleasure,” said Chief Seilhamer. “The years have flown by, and I have enjoyed them immensely, primarily because of the people with whom I interacted.”

Our hat’s off to you, Chief! Enjoy retirement and we’ll see you in the stands!

Chief SeilhamerWhy the #12 Jersey?

Municipal police officers in the state of Pennsylvania are required to be certified through the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MOPEC).

Chief Seilhamer was a municipal officer prior to joining the state police and was one of the first classes to be certified through MOPEC, which requires all municipal officers to have a certification number that is used to write citations, criminal complaints and attend trainings. For most law enforcement officials, that’s a five-digit number today.

At a training session a few years ago, a sign-in sheet was passed around and every officer was tasked with filling out his/her name, department name and MOPEC number. During a break on the first day, the instructor asks for Chief Seilhamer to please revisit the sign-in sheet and complete his MOPEC number. The chief looks at the page, then up at the instructor and tells him, simply, “That is my number.”  The instructor, looking puzzled, asks surprisingly, “Your number is 12?” The chief, humored, smiled and responded, “Yes, it is.” 

This was a regular occurrence over the past few years, especially when he filled out paperwork.

So, we decided it was only fitting to forever commemorate that number with Chief Seilhamer’s very own SV #12 jersey.chief with police