Ms. Carol Jamison

Posted by Communications Department on 9/19/2023

For September we are pleased to announce the newest member inducted into the SV All-Star Club, Ms. Carol Jamison, multiple supports paraprofessional at Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School. 

The SV All-Star Club is an awards program developed by the District to express our gratitude to Seneca Valley classified employees (administrative assistants, paraprofessionals, maintenance, cafeteria), bus drivers and security guards who are often the unsung heroes of our schools. We recognize a new member of this elite all-star club each month. 

Ms. Jamison worked as a learning support paraprofessional for many years. Last year, when a full-time position opened in the fourth through sixth grade multiple supports’ classroom, she applied for and accepted this new challenge. While she has always worked alongside neurodiverse students, she now helps to support the most neurodiverse and vulnerable population at Ehrman Crest.

“Carol Jamison is a gem; she is beautiful, precious and rare,” said Dr. Bridget Miller, Assistant Principal of Ehrman Crest Middle School. “Carol gives 100% and would never consider giving anything less. She is affectionately known by her students as ‘Mrs. J,’ and she has an inner gentleness that is a rare find. Carol will speak up for what she believes in, yet she will listen before doing so. She is open to learning new things and will not back down from a challenge.”

Dr. Miller shared, “When I think of ‘Mrs. J,’ this vivid image comes to mind of her standing in the pouring rain during bus dismissal last year when we all got caught in a torrential downpour.  I ran an umbrella out to her, and her response was ‘No thank you. The kids won’t have an umbrella, so I won’t have one either.’ She did not do this for praise, recognition, or martyrdom; she did this because this is simply who she is, someone who consistently and authentically models love.”

“I am a better person because I work alongside Carol Jamison,” Dr. Miller added. “Our students and staff are better people as well.”


Pictured from L-R: Assistant Principal at Ehrman Crest Elementary School Ms. Tesin Amoscato, Principal at Ehrman Crest Elementary School Ms. Lauri Pendred, Ms. Kathy Whittle, Board President, Ms. Carol Jamison, Dr. Tracy Vitale, Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Principal at Ehrman Crest Middle School Dr. Bridget Miller and Principal of Ehrman Crest Middle School Mr. Tim Eiler.