Ms. Tracy Vidnovic

Posted by Communications Department on 4/26/2023 1:00:00 AM

For April we are pleased to announce the newest member inducted into the SV All-Star Club, Ms. Tracy Vidnovic, front desk administrative assistant at the District Administration Office. 

The SV All-Star Club is an awards program developed by the District to express our gratitude to Seneca Valley classified employees (administrative assistants, paraprofessionals, maintenance, cafeteria), bus drivers and security guards who are often the unsung heroes of our schools. We recognize a new member of this elite all-star club each month. 

“It’s my honor and pleasure to nominate Tracy Vidnovic for this award, and in my opinion, she embodies the spirit of this award in every sense,” said Ms. Linda Andreassi, Communications Director. “As the front desk administrative professional, she is very often the first person to greet those interacting with Seneca Valley. Whether in-person or on the phone, she handles these calls and visitors with the utmost patience and professionalism. Since the start of her time with us, she has closely reviewed and updated protocols at the front desk. Doing so has allowed calls, in-person visits, deliveries and mail to be processed smoothly and with the utmost efficiency. She has also taken initiative to find better, more helpful ways in which to serve our public. She trains and keeps all other central office administrative professionals updated with front desk procedures and expertly manages work from several departments at once, including communications, student registration, special education and human resources.”

In addition to her warm greetings and hospitality, Ms. Vidnovic also goes the extra mile to make her colleagues feel special. If there’s an event, a holiday or if it’s just been a long and busy week, she will send staff members uplifting notes, make and bring in food and write clever emails inviting the staff members at central office to gather. 

For the Super Bowl this year, Ms. Vidnovic set up a lunch for everyone where she provided two different menus highlighting the best-known foods from Kansas City and Philadelphia. For March Madness, she created a “Meatball Madness” lunch. She also turned Thanksgiving into Turkey and Tacos Day and did it with a full taco spread. She always goes out of her way to help others and has also coordinated several denim day Fridays to help raise money for the Seneca Valley Foundation.

In her free time Ms. Vidnovic enjoys spending time with her family and attending baseball games at PNC Park with her daughter. In fact, Ms. Vidnovic is a former Pittsburgh Pirate Pierogi. That’s right, she raced down the base lines as Jalapeno Hannah for two seasons. “Being a Pirates Pierogi was definitely my 15 minutes of fame, but the memories and conversations it provides will last a lifetime," said Ms. Vidnovic.

Ms. Andreassi added, “Tracy is always giving to others with no expectation of anything in return, which is why it thrills me to give this to her today and to recognize her for being a valued employee who goes above and beyond in her role.”

“I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I learned I would be presented with the All-Star award,” said Ms. Vidnovic. “The All-Star not only recognizes my efforts, but also acknowledges the collaborative environment in which I spend my days with the most knowledgeable and supportive team. Thank you for inviting me to join the All-Star club.”

SV All-Star