Ms. Patty Ruggerio

Posted by Communications Department on 3/17/2023 2:00:00 AM

For March we are pleased to announce the newest member inducted into the SV All-Star Club, Ms. Patty Ruggerio, special education paraprofessional at Haine Middle School. 

The SV All-Star Club is an awards program developed by the District to express our gratitude to Seneca Valley classified employees (administrative assistants, paraprofessionals, maintenance, cafeteria), bus drivers and security guards who are often the unsung heroes of our schools. We recognize a new member of this elite all-star club each month. 

“I first met Patty when I was a life skills classroom teacher; Patty was a paraprofessional supporting a student that began coming to my room,” said Ms. Ashley Pattison, Supervisor of Special Education. “Together, Patty and I have worked with the student to determine the student’s behavioral needs, rule out academic concerns and help the student become successful at school. In the 10 plus years I have known Patty, I have observed her supporting students in our learning support program, multiple supports programs, as well as supporting a student as his personal care assistant.  In every role Patty has possessed, I have seen her go above and beyond to support students with significant learning and behavioral needs. I have seen her implement behavior plans with fidelity, build relationships with students who are hard to connect with, and help her students be successful in their educational programming.”  

“Patty is a remarkable asset to Haine Middle School,” said Dr. Erin Wilcher, Principal of Haine Middle School. “Her passion allows her the ability to see something special in every student she encounters. Every day she can be seen smiling, interacting, and supporting students within her special education classroom.”  

Ms. Pattison concluded, “What makes Patty the most deserving of this award is her selflessness. We have never heard her say no to any supports or recommendations the team, including me, have asked of her. She puts students first, always. It is my honor and privilege to present this award on behalf of the student service department and Haine Middle school.”

SV All-Star

Pictured from L-R: Mr. Jeremy Womer, Vice Principal of Haine Middle School, Ms. Kathy Whittle, Board President, Dr. Tracy Vitale, Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Patty Ruggerio, Ms. Ashley Pattison, Supervisor of Special Education and Dr. Erin Wilcher, Principal of Haine Middle School.