Ms. Beth Craig and Mrs. Madeline Nowak

Posted by Communications Department on 9/19/2022

For the month of September, we are pleased to announce the newest members inducted into the SV All-Star Club, Ms. Beth Craig and Mrs. Madeline Nowak, paraprofessionals at Ehrman Crest Middle School. 

The SV All-Star Club is an awards program developed by the District to express our gratitude to Seneca Valley classified employees (secretaries, paraprofessionals, maintenance, cafeteria) and bus drivers who are often the unsung heroes of our schools. We intend to recognize a new member of this elite all-star club each month. 

Mr. Tim Eiler, Principal of Ehrman Crest Middle School shared, “Day in and day out, our schools could not operate without our paraprofessionals’ hard work and dedication to our staff and students. We have the best of the best, and they step up and prove it repeatedly. With that said, what Beth Craig and Madeline Nowak did on Friday, September 2, took the high regard in which we hold our paraprofessionals to an entirely new level. They didn’t just step up and do the right thing - they saved a life.  

“On that day, Ehrman Crest had a serious and dire situation in which a student was choking on his lunch. The student's airflow became restricted, and he was not breathing. When these situations occur, they are obviously extremely jarring, but they solidify that we have great kids and great people who do the right thing.”  

Mr. Eiler explained, “Students got the attention of the adults in the cafeteria. Ms. Craig stepped up and began to administer the Heimlich maneuver. Though she was at first unable to remove the obstruction, she never gave up. Mrs. Nowak was then able to step in and relieve her, continuing the Heimlich. Within moments, the obstruction began to clear, airflow moved again, and color returned to the student’s face. Our school nurse was able to take over at that point, and although she sent the student home early that Friday, he returned the following week without complications,” said Mr. Eiler. 

Mr. Eiler added, “This incident served as a reminder of how much we need each other. It wasn’t just training that saved a student’s life; it was individuals looking out for each other, working in tandem, and exhibiting the willingness to be selfless. As one student put it when Mrs. Bridget Miller, Assistant Principal at Ehrman Crest Middle School, and I talked with classes who witnessed the event, “I feel a whole lot safer at school knowing that they know how to do that.”  

“What Beth and Madeline saw that day was unimaginable. But what they did was nothing less than heroic - they literally saved a life. We are honored to know and work with these ladies, and it’s a pleasure to help recognize them for being so loving, caring and willing to step up when they were needed,” said Mr. Eiler.” 

sv all star

From L-R: Principal of Ehrman Crest Middle School Mr. Tim Eiler, Assistant Principal at Ehrman Crest Middle School Mrs. Bridget Miller, Paraprofessionals Ms. Beth Craig and Mrs. Madeline Nowak, Seneca Valley Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tracy Vitale and   
Seneca Valley School Board President Mr. Jim Nickel.