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Math League Scores High

Math League

Our Seneca Valley math team took 1st place in the region and had the 11th best score of 95 participating schools across the state.  Eric Combs and Alexander Kim tied with the 9th best cumulative scores in the entire state.  Students with a perfect score on at least one of the six exams (an impressive feat!) include Eric Combs, Alex Kim, Nathan Craig, Ben Blucher, and John Paris.


You can find information about the Pennsylvania Math League at this website:


Pictured above from left to right: Parker Spence, Arun Pallikkattil, Logan McKinny, Jacob Eubanks, Ben Blucher, John Paris, Eric Combs, Lihini Ranaweera, Alexander Kim, Nico Town, Sam Hersick, Gregory Pologruto, and Miles Miller.  Missing from the picture are Zachary Tollerton, Ella Butterfield, Nathan Craig, and Thomas Beresnyak.