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Honoring Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

In Honors Spanish 4 classes, Mrs. Glenz's classes ended the school year with a unit on Mexico.  A portion of that unit focused on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, an inspiration who created exquisite Mexican folk art.  Frida Kahlo’s artwork spoke volumes of the pain and tragedy she suffered throughout her entire life.  Despite her constant physical and emotional pain, Frida’s legacy reminds us that we are capable of enduring much more than we think we can.   

The final quarterly for the Honors Spanish 4 classes was a series of reflection questions asking students to think about some of the global issues that are most significant to them.  They had to respond to those questions and present their answers to the class along with a picture frame that included a picture of themselves and decorations that reflected their interests and passions in life.  Students included a motto that they live by and advice to future generations.  The reflections from these students are a beautiful reminder of the hope that remains and their desire to leave the world a better place. 

Big thanks to IHS Art teacher, Jason Shorr, for his help making this bulletin board possible!