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AGLOA National Tournament

The 2024 AGLOA National Tournament was held in Atlanta, Georgia, from Friday, April 19, to Monday, April 22, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Below are the results from Haine Middle and Evans City Middle schools that attended the tournament. Congratulations to the following students!


Seneca Valley Academic Games

Elementary Division Nationals Award Winners


Current Events

2nd Place Individual – Brennan Kaye

4th Place Team – Cam Swope, Georgia Bryer, Luke Sloan, and two other Pittsburgh area students

6th Place Team – Brooks Culley, Courtney Weinreich, and three other Pittsburgh area students



4th Place Team – Emily Browne, Cam Swope, Brennan Kaye, Alexander Sbrolla, Brielle Polas



5th Place Individual – Emily Brown

6th Place Team – Emily Browne, Alexander Sbrolla, Brennan Kaye, Cam Swope, Luke Sloan



7th Place Team (tie) – Moorthy Maharajan, Cameron Schuster, Georgia Bryer, Alexander Sbrolla, Emily Browne

7th Place Team (tie) – Jack Shifflet, Kate Takac, Brennan Kaye, and two other Pittsburgh area students