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Collaboration with the Dominican Republic

The IHS Gifted Support Teachers have connected their students to the Dominican Republic!  Through Peace Corps volunteer, Courtney Columbus, and World Wise Schools, SVIHS students are learning about the issues that the people in her town of El Palmar face on a daily basis.  Ms. Columbus has already begun several initiatives including the organization of a volleyball team/league, an environmental youth group, a stove ventilation project, and a water filtration proposal.  The plan is for the SVIHS gifted students to collaborate on several of these projects over the two years that Ms. Columbus will reside in the small Dominican community.    As a first step, SVIHS gifted students contributed to a “cultural exchange pod” that was sent to the Dominican Republic in late October.  In order to introduce their counterparts in the Dominican Republic to American teenage culture, they filled a box with books, games, candy, sports equipment, dvds, cds, pictures, letters, seasonal items, and others,  and shipped it to the DR.  Through the District’s SMART Bridgit technology, the SVIHS students interacted with Dominican students as they opened their pod on November 1, and the excitement was palpable.  Our students are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of a similar pod from the Dominican Republic, which should be delivered sometime in the month of January.  Projects to support Courtney and her work are currently being developed by these students at SVIHS, and more interactions are anticipated!
Cultural Exchange
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