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Reaching Across the World

On Thursday, September 6, ninth and tenth grade gifted students made a special connection with a Peace Corp representative currently serving the needs of Dominicans and Haitian refugees in El Palmar, Dominican Republic.  Using the District’s SMART Bridgit software, students were able to see and communicate in real time with Courtney Columbus regarding her role in the Peace Corp and what she hopes to achieve in El Palmar.  After hearing her provide an overview of her experiences thus far, which include learning both the Creole language and the unique Spanish dialect spoken in her village, starting a volleyball league with the youth, and beginning to assess possible water filtration and cooking stove renovation projects, students had the opportunity to ask her some specific questions.  Students showed particular interest in the requirements for being a Peace Corp volunteer, as well as the issues that people in El Palmar are currently facing.  As Ms. Columbus will be serving El Palmar for two years, many of these gifted students will be able to continue working with her to improve the quality of life in El Palmar.  The benefits of this partnership are limitless for both the Seneca Valley students involved and the residents of El Palmar in the Dominican Republic.
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