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Black History Month

In a cross-curricular project, students in Ms. Schenck's English 7 and World History 7 classes made OnePagers on a Black Rights Activist to celebrate Black History Month. Check out some of the students' designs! 

Rosa Parks

Malcom X

Martin Luther King, Jr. 


7th and 8th Grade students learned about the work of Black American artisan Harriet Powers.  After reading an article about her history, students explored her legacy in the two amazing story quilts she created.  Students were given the task of creating their own quilt square using pictures and/or words to fill the square using the article theme, “This I Accomplish…”.  Students were encouraged to use any medium and Harriet’s unique style as inspiration.  Harriet left detailed descriptions of the meaning in her quilts, so students also completed writing activities to share the meaning and inspiration behind their art.

"This I Accomplish..."