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Students set tone for success

Seneca Valley flutists Alisha Aboosally, Jason Chen, Reema Kudtarkar, Elizabeth Salgado and Josie Walter parSV Flautists 2020ticipated in the 6th Annual Slippery Rock University (SRU) Honors Flute Ensemble held Feb. 22-23.  

To be considered for the program, students submitted applications and recorded auditions in January.

A group of judges, selected by SRU Flute Professor, Cassandra Eisenreich, listened to each performance, grading on a rubric that accounted for accurate rhythm, smooth technique, intonation, tempo and overall musicianship.  

When asked about her experience, Miss Walters commented, “The honors flute ensemble allows for a more open-minded approach to traditional performance. It gave us the opportunity to try extended techniques such as beatboxing and improvisation. It was a musically enriching experience for everyone involved.”

Students are led by Ashley Babick, Seneca Valley Academy of Choice Flute Artist in Residence.

Pictured:L-R: Reema Kudtarkar, Elizabeth Salgado, Jason Chen, Alisha Aboosally and Josie Walter.