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New opportunities for SV orchestra students

Throughout the year, SV orchestra students have had access to four electric string instruments through a generous grant from the SV Foundation. The use of these new instruments inspired an entirely new group of musical leaders within the orchestra program. As a culminating project, four students performed “Beethoven's Five Secrets,” and an arrangement of One Republic’s popular song, “Secrets,” set for an electric string quartet. This performance was not only a success, but has led to the creation of a new ensemble, the Seneca Valley Electric String Quartet. Electronic quartet

The electric string quartet is entirely student led, with students learning how to set up and configure the technology for the electric instruments, selecting the music for performance, learning music on their own, and disseminating their passion for the electric instruments to the orchestra community. Ms. Miller, secondary orchestra director, expressed, “I personally have been so inspired by my students and the way they have connected with this new performance tool.”

Thank you to the Seneca Valley Foundation! In the coming years many more students will be inspired and able to connect more deeply with music through the use of our electric string quartet. 


Posted: June 19, 2024