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Ehrman Crest's visionary second graders win national acclaim

Ehrman Crest is once again on the national stage. This time, they are getting accolades from Comic Relief US and the LEGO Group as winners in their first-ever nationwide “Community Builders Challenge.” This competition was a partnership effort by the two brands to challenge schools to think of and create a future “dream” community they would want to see, and Ehrman Crest blew everyone away with their “Community of the Future.”

Second grade students in four classrooms (Ms. Dalashay Williams, Ms. Camryn Camp, Ms. Amanda Longello and Ms. Elizabeth Allen-Boyle) came together to create a town which features the kind of places we would all like to visit, from Kindness Park to Empathy Avenue (which includes free houses for neighbors in need), with a Museum of Imagination, a Friendship Shop and even an animal center where people can go to cuddle pets if they’re feeling sad.

“The imagination and compassion students employed in their builds are inspiring,” said Marisa Xhafa, Comic Relief US Fundraising Manager. “The kids put so much time and effort into planning and creating this fantastic community, and we felt the love in every element!”

Check out the video from several movie and TV stars naming Ehrman Crest as the winner:

And don’t forget to check out this video highlighting the winning community as created by Ehrman Crest second graders: Community Builders Challenge (

Great job to all!