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Cutting-edge creations


Seneca Valley robotics and engineering students were joined by other schools from southwestern Pennsylvania for the annual Sea, Air and Land Challenge, held at Seneca Valley Senior High School on May 2. Among them, Seneca Valley’s Land Team clinched first place in the Land Challenge.

Hosted by the Penn State Applied Research Laboratory, the Sea, Air and Land Challenge is a STEM initiative in which teams of high school and/or middle school students design and build robotic vehicles which are used to compete in challenges that mimic missions encountered by the military, national security agencies and first responders. 


There were 100 students that competed in the Sea, Air and Land Challenge, and the school districts that participated included Seneca Valley, Quaker Valley and Armstrong. The challenges took place in various locations throughout the Senior High School. Teams were judged based upon the team’s innovation and use of the engineering design process in building a vehicle and its ability to maneuver through a designated unknown course.

“I am extremely proud of Drew, Payton, Ethan and Nick for winning the land portion of the Sea, Air and Land Challenge,” said Joe Logsdon, Applied Engineering & Technology Teacher at Seneca Valley Senior High School. “Their dedication, innovation, and teamwork yielded success allowing them to showcase their abilities and determination. All four of these students had no prior experience with robotics and this was their first time competing in a competitive robotics challenge."


Seneca Valley Land Team Members included seniors, Nick Parrotto, Ethan Barnett, Payton Brown and junior, Drew Spencer.

Posted May 14, 2024