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Cultural Day comes to Ehrman Crest Middle School

A bit of the world was brought to Ehrman Crest Middle School on Friday, Nov. 3, as part of an interactive Cultural Day.

Students and staff took part in a cultural celebration with special guests, learning opportunities and engaging activities. The day began with cultural presentations covering the customs and traditions of Germany, South Africa, Japan, Greece, Kenya, India, Ecuador and others. In addition to presentations from community members, students participated in stations complete with crafts, dances and interactive activities. These activities included Mexican dancing, African drumming, Diwali crafting, Latin and Argentinian dancing, Greek dancing, Brazilian soccer, Arabic spelling and learning about the American Deaf culture.

Students ended the day with a school-wide assembly and classroom community discussions.

ECMS greekECMS diwali presentationMexican music

Posted: Nov. 6, 2023