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Survey Says

Many schools across this region, state and nation continue to battle the ever-evolving epidemic of vaping, including Seneca Valley. According to Common Sense Media, nearly eight in 10 (78%) teens say vaping is popular among people their age where they live.

As you may be aware, Seneca Valley prohibits use and possession of tobacco products by students including matches, lighters, electronic cigarettes, and vape pens on school property, buses, vans and vehicles that are owned, leased or controlled by the school district, or at school-sponsored events (SV Policy 222, Tobacco Use). Disciplinary action is given to those who violate the policy, which also includes cessation information and referrals.

In addition to educating students on the dangers of vaping through health education and resources, the District has purchased and installed vape detection units across the secondary campus, grades 7-12. We also recently partnered with Candle, Inc. to have at-home vaping toolkits available for parent/guardian purchase at the District Administration Offices (124 Seneca School Rd., Harmony) at $10 per kit, cash or check (made out to SVSD). You can also buy them online at $15 per kit: Prevention Programs - CANDLE, Inc. (

As we continue to address vaping in our schools, we recently asked parents/guardians and staff for their ideas on how to address vaping in our schools, and to rate at least 10-15 of the thoughts that others shared in the same survey. To view the results of this most recent ThoughtExchange, click this link.