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SV selected for Remake Learning site visit

Through a collaborative partnership between the Remake Learning Personalized Learning working group, KnowledgeWorks and the SWPA Personalized Learning Network, Seneca Valley was selected as a site visit where several educators from over 30 different school districts were able to see firsthand the vast array of learning environments and programs offered to students. The overall goal of the visit was to create a resource for educators outlining key elements and components, including strategies, resources and local examples, that lead to a shift toward learner-centered practices and professional networking across the region.


Visitors were paired with SV administrators during guided tours led by senior high school (SHS) Student Council members. After the tours, educators returned to the SHS library where they listened to a student panel speak about their customized schedules based on their interests and future career goals. Student representatives from each of the five SV Career Pathways shared how their academic courses as well as their hands-on-experiences are preparing them for viable career options and/or post-secondary programs. Several students also explained the benefits of gaining college credits by taking CHS (College in High School) courses.

One student said she got to visit Connoquenessing Valley Elementary (CVE) School and received a hands-on education. Through this experience, she has decided to be a teacher. Another student who works in the SV Center for Biotechnology Research expressed how the lab provides him with a phenomenal opportunity to access advanced lab equipment. He said it not only increases his interest in science, but it also opens a lot of doors because he can get college-level experience in high school.

“Dr. Manganello and I have been active members of the Personalized Learning working group for a few years now,” said Ms. Amanda Mallin, Assistant Principal at Seneca Valley Academy of Choice. “In collaboration with Knowledgeworks and the Remake Learning Network, we have had a voice in both practice and policy to build a framework for Personalized Learning. While collaborating in our network, we were chosen as a spotlight school last May. As the network began planning in-person site visits, we were asked if we would be willing to showcase some of the ways that SV empowers learners through relevant learning experiences.”


Ms. Mallin added, “The purpose of the site visit was to highlight some of the ways that our high school students take ownership of their learning through Customized Learning and Advanced Experience. Students shared firsthand why their customized schedule fits with their interests and future plans.”

To wrap-up the event, educators enjoyed a luncheon followed by networking and an optional off-campus tour of the new Seneca Valley Academy of Choice (SVAOC) Drop-in Center.

“I thought the Personalized Learning Site Visit was very refreshing,” stated Mr. Chet Henderson, Assistant Principal at Seneca Valley Intermediate High School. “Having the opportunity to hear from our students about the hands-on and personalized learning they have done at SV was great.  From welding, to dance, to biogenetics, Seneca Valley has been innovative and creative in the way we work to customize the learning experience for our students.  We will continue to work to expand these opportunities for our students.”

Posted March 13, 2023