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Celebration Art Series

A new program dedicated to celebrating artistic and cultural diversity has made it’s grand debut at SV! 

The Celebration Art Series is a unique visual art exhibition series at the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School’s (IHS) Big Gallery. The series will showcase visiting artists who represent the District’s dedication to expand diversity, equity and inclusion within the District and community. This series is presented as a collaboration between the Art Club and the school’s local chapter of SHOUT (Social Handprints Overcoming Unjust Treatment). 

Mr. Jason Shorr, Seneca Valley Intermediate High School and Senior High School Art teacher, is working with Mr. Ashley Porter, Seneca Valley’s Supervisor of Equity and Title IX Coordinator and Ms. Lisa Graham and Malika Christopher, Seneca Valley Intermediate High School Counselors and advisors for SHOUT, to collaborate and provide students with an opportunity to learn about a diverse assortment of art as well as diverse artists. 

“The Celebration Art Series is the first of its kind in the Seneca Valley Big Gallery. We are always exhibiting local artists for the student community to see but this is the first series with a common theme. The artists represent diversity either with their art or related to their personal story. We have had two exhibitions so far and will focus on two more artists after the winter break into the spring,” said Mr. Shorr. “Representatives from the art club and the SHOUT organization will be helping to choose the next two artists and, in essence, help to curate the shows. This has been an exciting and unique opportunity for all involved.” 

This series is comprised of nine student representatives from the art club and SHOUT. The student committee is provided with a panel of local artists, then after their research and collaboration they select artists whose background and pieces reflect inclusion, equity and diversity. 

Each artist is invited for an “artist talk” to discuss with students their background, processes, materials used in their pieces and career opportunities in visual arts. Each exhibit is proudly displayed in the Big Gallery adjacent to the IHS cafeteria for about 5-7 weeks. 

The Celebration Art Series officially kicked off in November and will run through April of 2023. Mr. Shorr along with Mr. Porter, Ms. Graham, and Ms. Christopher plan to continue working with students throughout the remainder of the school year to develop this student-led series of local artists celebrating diversity.

Posted: Jan. 4, 2023