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Pumpkin to talk about

Drake Smith, an Evans City Elementary third grader, literally planted the seeds for an upcoming class project.
Drake spent this past summer growing pumpkins. During the hottest months of the year, we understand he carried buckets of water and kept the field in top-notch growing condition. His hard work paid off and this fall he yielded over 100 pumpkins!  
D. Smith and his pumpkins Drake recently donated 25 of his prized pumpkins to ensure his classroom friends all got one for the fall season.  
“It was an exciting day in Room 35,” exclaimed Ms. Rebecca Whitney, his teacher. “The kids were elated to come back from special to see all the pumpkins!” Ms. Whitney went on to explain that the class will be painting the pumpkins to represent different book characters. Be sure to stay tuned – once their creative masterpieces are complete, we’ll post photos.