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Future planning

To see updated floor plans, click on the link hereAs with any building project, planning is key.Exterior Entry

The latest Seneca Valley School District building project started with planning efforts nearly five years ago when district administrators began looking at existing facilities and concerns associated with the age of those structures. In order to have all of the facts and information in front of them, the district embarked on a feasibility study in 2014-15 that reviewed all K-12 schools in the district, looking closely at building capacity, utilization, condition, energy efficiency, operating costs, safety and security, and learning environment responsiveness. At the conclusion of that study (see Feasibility Final Report here), it was clear that the Evans City Elementary School/Middle School facility was in need of being addressed. In response, the District moved forward to publicly interview and hire an architectural firm, a thoughtful process that took a number of months.

After approving a contract with CannonDesign earlier this year, the next steps necessary were to begin the hard work of deciding whether to renovate, replace or relocate Evans City Elementary and Evans City Middle Schools.

On Sept. 10, 2018, after years of researching and touring existing facilities (both internally and externally), studying and reviewing data, comparing details, and listening to input, Seneca Valley School Board members approved moving forward with building a new elementary facility on the Ehrman Road site where the district owns 150 acres over Cranberry and Jackson Townships.

Again, the decision to move forward with such a project came after an extensive review of various data points, which can be found in the Site Selection Matrix document, along with survey results, and links to media coverage. This information, as well as School Board presentation documents as presented by CannonDesign, can be found at

For more information on the Feasibility Study noted above, go to

To see updated floor plans, click here.