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Society for Science and the Public awards SV with equipment grants

The Society for Science & the Public is excited to announce a grant totaling $3,000 to Patti Griest, high sGenetics Lab  chool gifted support teacher, to support STEM research activities in the Molecular Genetics/Advanced Research Lab in the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School (SVIHS).

The grant was an opportunity presented to Ms. Griest after she attended a research teacher conference in Washington D.C. earlier this school year. After a successful application process, Ms. Griest was notified of the awarded grant funds, which she plans to apply to STEM-related scientific research. 

“We will pilot an evolutionary biology lab this spring with the Cooper lab (University of Pittsburgh), and some of this equipment will be useful for that endeavor,” explained Ms. Griest. “We are hoping to provide authentic experiences in emerging fields for our students, and in so doing, inspire them to continue the pursuit of scientific research.” In addition, Ms. Griest is working with several other organizations and institutions to bring tangible research projects to Seneca Valley. As part of this effort, gifted support students are selected to work in the lab based on their prior research projects and strengths.

In collaboration with Tom Lavelle, biology teacher and developer of the IHS lab, the grant will be utilized to purchase a brand new Thermal Cycler (polymerase chain reaction machine), five new electrophoresis set-ups, and a new vortex mixer.
“Many teachers across the country are facing immense challenges obtaining the resources they need to purchase science equipment for their classrooms that can help engage their students and enrich their lessons,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of the Society for Science & the Public and Publisher of Science News. “Through the STEM Research Grant Program, we are providing teachers with an opportunity to create meaningful STEM research experiences for their students.”

The Society’s STEM Research Grant Program supports educators who are implementing fresh and innovative teaching methods to shed light on discoveries that can be made through original STEM research projects. The STEM Research Grants are funded by Regeneron.