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Taking a stand

A senior at Seneca Valley was recently recognized for delivering engaging and insightful knowledge of past history.

Seneca Valley Senior Martina Beggy won the accolade of Excellent Delegate at Duquesne University’s Model United Nations M. Beggy event on Jan. 25.

Miss Beggy participated in a simulated crisis committee that examined the power dynamics at the time of the Tiananmen Square student protests of 1989.  She assumed the role of Xu Qinxian, a general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that refused to use force against demonstrators in Beijing.

This is Miss Beggy’s fourth Model United Nations award.

Nearly 400 students from 21 schools all over Western Pennsylvania assumed the roles of the diplomats to the United Nations in a variety of subcommittees and worked to generate agreements on past and contemporary political issues.

Model United Nations provides students the opportunity to learn about and discuss today's most relevant issues of international diplomacy through participation in an academic simulation.

Miss Beggy was supervised and coached by senior high school gifted support teacher Dean Walker.