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The Seneca Valley Instrumental Music program has a long standing tradition of excellence at the Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA) Festivals and this year was certainly further representative of that success.

This past November, auditions were held for the 2018 PMEA District 5 Honors Band. Over 200 students auditioned for a band of 125 musicians.  Seneca Valley had 48 students selected this year, more than any other school in a four county area.
All of the students went on to participate in the three-day festival at Westminster College Nov. 29 - Dec. 1.

Seneca Valley students selected were Brian Vogel, Hiruni Herat, Chloe Rechkemer, Tressa MacPherson, Reese Sherwood, Nicole Buchek, Alyssa Tollerton, Carmyn Talento, Francesca Citrone, Rebekah Cox, Anna Rickabaugh, Grace Connors, Olivia Otway, Travis Hughes, Reilly Scherzer, Rachel Covell, Kyle Gragg, Sean Scott, Jenna Miller, Evan Moeller, Jeremy Love, Emma Krebs, Ryan Sims, CJ Blakely, Eden Geis, Kate Scanlan, Dean Smith, Hannah Downs, Alex Owen, Lizzie Sylves, Ally Buchek, David Choi, Jada Chvilicek, Kevin Karatossos, Ashleigh Patterson, Jaya Subramaniam, Olivia Tilton, Renhan Xu, Elizabeth Salgado, Kyra Martino, Harrison Silvester, Luke Choban, Zach Garcia, Rebekah Heltzell, Sydney Thompson, Caitlin Brenner, Alaina Althous and Victor Myrna.

To audition, students must be in at least ninth grade and prepare a piece from a predetermined college-level solo list selected by the directors of District 5. District 5 comprises of school districts from Beaver, Butler, Lawrence and Mercer counties.

Directors at the secondary level include Robert Matchett, Varden Armstrong, Robert Babick and Sara Snyder.

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