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First place finishers

Academic Decathlon Team The Seneca Valley Academic Decathlon Team, for the second time this year, placed first in a regional Academic Decathlon Competition, this one held at Northwestern High School on Nov. 3.

The SV team, who competed against 15 other schools, also finished first in a live “Super Quiz Relay” event.

Seniors Katie Bablak and Rishin Sharma both won overall gold medals as two of the overall highest scoring students and both medaled in the categories of economics, math, science and social science.

Mark Hemmerlin, senior, won an overall silver and won in the events of math and science.

Junior Nishant Jayachandran won an overall silver and medaled in economics and speech.

Senior Katie Parker medaled in science and speech and junior Logan Glatz won in the categories of science and social science.

SV medalists also included freshman Abigail Roeckmann, as well as juniors Will Firman, Gabe Sutherland and Nik Schuster in the category of social science. Junior Julia Allman won in speech.

The students competed in six events: social science, economics, math, essay, science and speech.

The SV Academic Decathlon Team includes Julia Allman, Katie Parker, Gabe Sutherland, Logan Glatz, Nick Folino, Mark Hemmerlin, Megan Spark, Abigail Roeckmann, Steven Yang, Kate Lipscomb, Ryan Lipscomb, Nishant Jayachandran, Megan Neely, Christina Yang, Jessie Glatz, Katie Bablak, Ashley Conroy and Mia Chevallier, Will Firman and Nik Schuster. 

The next competition will be held at Oil City High School on Jan. 12.