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Stop the Bleed

As part of a broader effort to keep students foremost in our plans and preparedness, Seneca Valley staff participated in a “Stop the Bleed” training on Oct. 8. 
Over 250 teachers, paraprofessionals, cafeteria and maintenance staff, and administrators learned the basics of bleeding control, how to use dressings and how to use a tourniquet properly.
Representatives from Cranberry Township Emergency Medical Service (CTEMS), Harmony EMS (HEMS) and UPMC Prehospital and Trauma Care were on-hand all day to train those who attended. 
In return for participating in this training, the District will receive one “Stop the Bleed” Kit for each of the school buildings and athletic stadium. Each one of these kits holds enough equipment to treat six people who are suffering from life-threatening bleeding.
SV staff will have another chance to participate in this training, which will be held at Seneca Valley Intermediate High School Auditorium on Nov. 12.
“Stop the Bleed” is a national campaign to help improve survival from life-threatening bleeding.
To learn more about the “Stop the Bleed” initiative, visit

STB Training Pictured (L-R): CTEMS Medic, Jim Vardzel; CTEMS Technician, Andrew Bell, UPMC Trauma Services, Dee Nicholas; UPMC Prehospital, Phil Rozic; CTEMS Deputy Chief of Administration, Ted Fessides and HEMS Supervisor, Brian Greenwalt.