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Eight Seneca Valley high school students presented their original scientific research projects at the Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Heinz Field on March 31. 

Sophomore Emma Choban received a special award from Alcosan, for her project using bioluminescent dinoflagellates as pollution indicators, and sophomore Jacob Kozora won a scholarship to Gannon University for his project testing the speed of dissolving medicine capsules. 

Projects ranged from using slime molds to create efficiency channels, Uber economic modeling, and factors that affect sky glow, to pharmaceuticals in freshwater ecosystems, distracted reaction time testing, safety of computer networks, and antioxidants vs. free radicals. 

Student scientists included Jacob Kozora, Anna Feng, Emma Choban, Rishin Sharma, Sneha Padamati, Jared Jordan, Brooke Raschke, Liz Guenther and Ben Hess.