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Input, output

Seneca Valley seniors Jordan Bender and Urvi Gupta and juniors Alex Garcia and Brandon Garzez, placed second in the Westminster High School Programming Contest on March 13.

The competition, developed for high school students to demonstrate their programming abilities in a competitive environment, is modeled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest where students are given only a few short hours to complete six programs.

 “This year the Seneca Valley teams did an amazing job at the competition,” said Senior High School Computer Programming Teacher Diane Krauland.” I believe they were so successful by being able to communicate as a team. By placing that high in the competition, you can tell they truly understand the material that is being taught in class. They are able to use their problem solving skills to break down a problem into simple tasks to come up with the code for very challenging prompts. I am very proud of how well all of our teams did at this competition this year!”

There were 18 regional high school teams competing this year.

“After participating in the competition for two years, it was apparent how much I have learned from taking the CHS Introduction to Programming and AP Computer Science A,” said Mr. Bender. “It allowed me to reflect on my knowledge of programming and allowed me to see how far I have come in the last year.”



Pictured (L-R): John Bonomo, professor at Westminster College, Seneca Valley computer programming second place team; Urvi Gupta, Alex Garcia, Jordan Bender, Brandon Garzez, and Diane Krauland, computer programming teacher at Seneca Valley Senior High School.