• About the Seneca Valley Cyber Program

    The purpose of the Seneca Valley Cyber Program is to offer students the education they need to prepare for life in the 21st century. It provides students with opportunities they may not have previously had through their public education experience. Seneca Valley is proud to meet the needs and wants of students and their parents in the same quality academic environment with which stakeholders have become accustomed.

    What you will find on this site is a compilation of all of the aspects of the Seneca Valley Cyber Program. The programs are explained in detail on the linked pages:


    The staff of Seneca Valley is proud to offer various new offerings through the Cyber Program combined with the traditional offerings of past years. The quality of education with which you are accustomed remains as high as ever, but the courses are  presented in a different way. No matter which program in which students choose to enroll, successful completion will result in a Seneca Valley diploma. We are proud to meet the requests of Seneca Valley families using an environment that combines quality academics with technological advancement.