The Seneca Valley Graduation Project is a continuing educational experience throughout the senior year requiring the successful completion of three separate components in a student-chosen area of study. The components include a project, a portfolio and an oral presentation.  During a student's senior year, he/she  will develop a project that may be community, career or enrichment oriented. The student’s progress will be logged in an individual portfolio prepared by the student that judges will review before hearing the student’s presentation of his/her Graduation Project. The successful completion of EACH of the three components is a graduation requirement.




    Graduation Project due dates are uniform for the entire Senior Class.  All Graduation Project assignments are due on or before the scheduled due date whether or not a student is in attendance that day. 



    September 15                      Personality Assessment & Reflections

    October 20                          Project Proposal
                              (With Mentor Commitment and Parent Consent forms)

    December 15                      Log, Timecard, and Evidence Check #1

    February 23                       Log, Timecard, and Evidence Check #2

    Feb. 26 - March 1              Register for Senior Boards

    April 19                             Portfolios and Projects Due
                     (Must contain Log Check #3, Final Timecard, and ALL  verification of project)

    May 10                              Senior Board Presentations


                                                         Due Date Policy

    Graduation Project assignments are to be completed and/or uploaded to the students’ own Graduation Project Portfolio page on Moodle. Graduation Project assignments are due no later than 8:00 am on the specified due dates. Teachers will verify submission and assess work after the 8:00 am deadline. Work received after the 8:00 am deadline on the specified due dates will be subject to the following penalties:

    • Work submitted within two days of the initial deadline will receive a 25% point reduction.
    • Work submitted two days or more after the initial deadline will receive no credit. Work submitted after 8:00 am on the second day after a due date falls into this category.


    Questions or concerns should be directed to the Graduation Project Coordinators:
    Mrs. Janice Plutnicki:  plutnickijm@svsd.net
    Mrs. Laura Lugarich:  lugarichlc@svsd.net
    Mrs. Sarah Braband:  brabandsl@svsd.net
    Mr. Michael Stebbins:  stebbinsmd@svsd.net
    Mr. Jeff Richards:  richardsjp@svsd.net