• About Us

    Seneca Valley Intermediate High School houses ninth and tenth grades on the secondary campus and holds a unique place in school district history.

    Opening in 1964 as Seneca Valley Senior High, the only partially completed school encompassed ninth through twelfth grades and combined the Evans City and Zelienople high schools. Due to a growing population, the current Senior High School was built in 1994 to include eleventh and twelfth grades, and the original Senior High became the Intermediate High School.
    Through these more than fifty years, the Intermediate High School’s faculty, staff, and administration have continued to dedicate themselves to providing excellence in education for the students they serve.

    Courtyard Initiated in 2004, the Courtyard Beautification Project greatly enhanced the appearance of the IHS. Initial funding was received through a Challenge for Healthier Schools Grant from Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which was awarded to the IHS Student Council. Student Council also conducted additional fundraising to complete the project, and they continue to currently maintain the courtyard. The project created a great sense of school spirit as many different student groups volunteered their time and energies to see the task completed. StuCo's hope is that the courtyard will encourage many throughout the years to create their own places of tranquility and pride as Student Council has done in our school through this project. Mrs. Linda Plesniak was the faculty Student Council advisor during the courtyard construction.