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    Welcome back Rowan and Evans City Families,

    I am once again EXCITED to be in the gymnasium at both Rowan and Evans City Elementary to teach your little ones the importance of physical activity, sport skills, health, sportsmanship, etc.  At both schools, I implement a diverse curriculum based on locomotor, non-locomotor, agility, balance, and coordination, fine and gross motor skills through various physical activities and games.  I introduce an array of sports skills to the students to teach them how to play the sport at a high level while making it fun. I incorporate essential fitness stations based on the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests to reiterate the importance of regular physical activity. In addition, I introduce bones and muscles to the students’ daily to ensure understanding of the importance of a healthy body and mind.

    Previously, I was a K-3 Physical Education Teacher in the South Butler County School District. While upholding my regular PE schedule, I worked with the kindergarten students in the KLIP program to assist in the need to refine letter and number learning to ensure student knowledge for future personal success while helping equip them for future PSSA testing. In cooperation with the Parent Teacher Organization, I helped plan a Move-A-Thon, which allowed kids the opportunity to compete at various physical activity stations alongside their parents. Not only did this fundraiser reiterate the value of regular physical activity among families in the community, but also it was a very lucrative endeavor for the PTO the past few years. Lastly, at the end of each school year, I work with the High School track and field athletes who shared their time with our primary students to make a “Field Day”. During the Field Day the students competed within their grade level in track and field events. 

    In prior years at the South Butler School District, I taught Health and PE at Knoch High School/Middle School working with students in grades 8 through 12. In Health, I engaged the students in learning about a variety of health topics based on the Pennsylvania State standards. Using project-based learning, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction and incorporation of current events. I motivated the students to make health more of a priority in their lives. Within the physical education department, I have worked as a team player to instruct the curriculum that is in place while incorporating my own vision of life long fitness to the students. I try to convey a message of overall health and wellness within each daily lesson.  

    Before moving to South Butler, I taught Health and Physical Education at Ambridge High School. I worked to add to the physical and health education curriculum by shifting the focus from game play to gaining life long sport skill, believing that every student will be more successful with a strong foundation in physical strength, flexibility, fundamental awareness and a positive self image. Within the 9th grade health program, I focused on the areas of nutrition and life long fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle through application of learning in real world situations.

    Before moving back to Pennsylvania, I was a Physical Education Teacher at South Morrison Elementary in Newport News, Virginia. I gained many unique skills teaching over 800 students, in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, at an inner city, Title I, public elementary school. The physical education and health curriculum that I developed included quality activities with a focus on the integration of Virginia State Standards. In cooperation with the students, I built a classroom environment that strengthened team-building skills, increased the level of overall gross and fine motor skills and generated a higher level of understanding of sport skills. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I acquired another position as a Great Leaps Instructor. This position allowed me to work with students who were performing below grade level to strengthen their skills in reading and phonetic awareness.  I also participated in an after school mentor program for “at-risk” boys in the community, offering support and motivation while modeling essential life skills.

    Also, at South Morrison Elementary, after seeing the need not only for a more physically aware and fit community but also for parental involvement within the school, I organized and supervised Family Fun and Fitness night for 2 years. The night was created for students and parents to experience the benefits of a more fit and healthy lifestyle as they participated in a variety of activities from playing volleyball and miniature golf to receiving information about public health services in the community and healthy nutritional habits. Family Fun and Fitness night had more parental and community involvement than any other school activity during the year.  To provide a more physically fit school day, I authored and presented a seminar to the school staff on providing a more quality and beneficial recess program through organized team games and activities.



     Name: Michael Pelloni
     School: Rowan Elementary/Evans City Elementary
     Grade/Subject: K-4/3-4
     Room #: Gymnasium
     Phone: 724-776-1518 ext.5079





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