• The Seneca Valley Cyber Program
    Description of Courses
    Students who choose to enroll in the Seneca Valley Cyber Program may receive credits toward graduation and a diploma from the Seneca Valley School District. Grading will adhere to the Seneca Valley School District grading scale and district time lines.  Students who are requesting credit recovery courses will earn a Pass/Fail grade at the semester for one half credit or end of the year for a full credit.
    Interested students must complete an online Cyber application which indicates a parent's approval.  This application can be found and completed on the district website under Schools/SVAOC.  All semester courses are broken into two parts and all year long courses are broken into four nine-week sections corresponding to the grading period. To be successful, students should work 2.5 hours (minimum) per class, per week and follow all school policies and procedures.  Student course work must be completed three days prior to the end of each nine weeks.  All students are expected to follow the Student and Staff Acceptable Use of Internet (Policy #815) of the Seneca Valley School District.
    In addition to successfully completing Cyber Program courses, students are responsible for meeting all other graduation requirements. This includes health screenings, NWEA testing, PSSA/Keystone test(s), and a graduation project. It is the student’s responsibility to contact a guidance counselor, the school nurse, or administrator to schedule appointments to meet these requirements when necessary. Seneca Valley Cyber students are entitled to all services that students may acquire while attending traditional school (i.e., SAT’s, ACT’s, athletics, activities, tutoring, Homecoming, and Prom).