•  Introduction to SVHS Gifted Support 


         Seneca Valley High School Gifted Support strives to create a welcoming space, with time and support within the school day, for identified mentally gifted students to pursue their particular passions and interests within a framework and structure that not only nurtures the individual, but also pushes that individual to further develop skills enabling their innate gifts to shine.  Through a combination of study hall pull-outs and monthly interest group meetings, students spend time with their intellectual peers pursuing topics that connect them to strength and interest areas.

         Essential elements of gifted support include the choice of many distinct interest groups that coincide with potential careers for high achievers.  Each grouping provides students with opportunities for career exploration, talent development, teamwork, professional interactions, critical thinking and problem solving, time management and planning, as well as culminating events that allows for sharing with authentic audiences.  Many groupings allow for participation in external events that include competitions, seminars, debates, symposia, and speaker series.  Students can gain local, regional, and even national recognition for their efforts in these events.

         As a result of participation in SVHS Gifted Support, students discover potential career paths, make multiple connections with like-minded students in interest areas, become more competitive applicants to top colleges, perform at higher levels in Honors and AP course work, and are more adept creative problem solvers.  In the process of finding their passion areas, they are better equipped to make career and life decisions in future years, as well as more immediate course decisions in high school.  Learning is accomplished in a remarkable way: based on passion and interest, not just report cards and curriculum.  Results are limitless and open-ended; grounded in student interest and motivation.  Our hope and ultimate goal is for our students to discover the true joy of learning and make it a life-long endeavor.