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    Name:Cheryl Zorich   M. Ed.

    Intermediate High School

    Grade/Subject: Honors English 9 and English 9

    Room #:120


    Phone:724.452.6042 Ext: 2000




    Dear Seneca Valley Students,



    Grasp the importance of people and relationships.

    Don't linger in solitude.

    Don't allow anyone to wallow in pain alone.

    Be for someone.

    Remember always that the eyes don’t lie,

    Even if the smile does.

    Feel for someone.

    Know their hurt,

    Even if you can’t feel it.

    Know your hurt,

    And don’t suffocate it.

    Love unconditionally.

    Don’t expect to be loved unconditionally.



    Revere nature’s serenity.


    Desire and dream, yet yearn for contentment.

    Exude integrity.

    Be faithful.

    Assert Spiritualism.

    Temper anger.

    Savor wisdom,

    Especially when it emerges from the past.

    Hinder impetuosity.

    Reap insight from the minute.

    Never give up.

    Harbor familial priorities.

    Remember that dawn rejuvenates,

    Especially following the aftermath of dusk’s destruction.

    Honor the gift of life.

    Respect all life.

    Be grateful.


    Always say thank you.

    Thank you.


    God's Blessings,