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     Name:  Mrs. Skinger
     School: Intermediate High School
     Grade/Subject: Geometry
     Room 219
     Phone:  724.452.6042 ext 2250


    Quarter 4 Exam (Trigonometry, Circles, Circumference & Area, Surface Area, Volume): Wednesday, June 5th
    Welcome back students!  I hope you had a fun summer.  I look forward to spending the school year with you.  Please visit my site frequently in order to see announcements, assignments, handouts, quiz and test dates, and to find supplemental resources.  This site does not replace classroom instruction, so please be sure to attend class daily. 

    Here are the supplies you will need to purchase this year in Geometry:
    *Binder (1-inch preferred)
    *Pack of highlighters (erasable highlighters are helpful)
    *Calculator (prefer a calculator with a square root button but any is fine for use at home) Recommended: TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator
    *Ruler (6-inches or 12-inches)
    *Compass (preferably metal)
    Here are some helpful tips to start the school year successfully:
    *Attendance is important, so arrive to class on time daily.
    *Come prepared with your supplies. 
    *When you are absent, view my website to see what you are missing.  You may even want to try a few problems from the assignment.  When you arrive back in class, go to the "While You Were Out..." area to get any handouts (if you did not print them from my website).  You may need to attend math tutoring during study hall or after school if you don't understand the skills/concepts that you missed.
    *Ask questions in class daily.  I highly encourage them!
    *Don't be afraid to make mistakes.  And don't be afraid to learn from them.
    *Check homework daily and make corrections.  Many students forget this second part.  If you don't go back to correct the problems you missed, you won't learn from your mistakes.
    *Don't wait until the day before a test to begin studying.  Review class notes daily, correct homework, and try more practice problems throughout the entire unit.
    *Studying for Honors Geometry includes: understanding vocabulary and formulas, completing practice problems, and checking practice problems.  Be sure to try problems of varying difficulty.
    *Participate in class daily.  This will help you to see if you understand the concepts and will help me to see what I need to review with the class.
    Click on the link below to review skills/concepts from Algebra 1 (from Khan Academy): 
    Here is another site that can help you review basic Algebra skills (Purple Math):