Consumer Foods 1
    Grades 9-10, Intermediate High School

    Winning Gingerbread House!  2009-2010
    Winning Gingerbread House
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    ***Check out our new videos regarding food additives and modern cuisine.  They can be found on the classroom news page!
     Miss Mann
      Mrs. Carrie J. Ehrenberger
    Seneca Valley Teacher since 2004
     Education:  Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2004
                      B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences
                      Robert Morris University, 2007
                      Master of Science in Business Education
                      Biology Certification, 2012 
     Room #: IHS 57, IHS 56
     Phone: 724-452-6042 ext. 2219
    Leadership and Career Development               Grades 10-12
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