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    Mill, Reynolds awarded Marcie Peaco Memorial Scholarships for this year

    June 4, 2020 High School Track & Field 

    Tyler Mill received a scholarship from the Seneca Valley track and field program this spring.

    The long history of Seneca Valley track and field athletes performing at a high level was broken this spring due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    One of the program's traditions, however, continued.

    Tyler Mill and Ella Reynolds, who both graduated last week, were awarded the Seneca Valley Track and Field Marcie Peaco Memorial Scholarship Monday evening at North Boundary Park.

    The scholarships have been awarded for over 30 years. Peaco, the late wife of Seneca Valley head coach Ray Peaco, had her name added to the honor this year.

    Mill and Reynolds both received $500.

    “We usually take money made at the concession stand during the season and put it toward the scholarships,” said Coach Peaco. “Since there was no season, we had to dip into the reserves.

    “In normal years, seniors on the team could submit an application and write an essay that deals with track and field,” he added. “From that, it was narrowed down to three boys and three girls and we'd conduct in-person interviews with all of them. We followed that process this year, except for the interviews.”

    A committee of five to seven people, including Coach Peaco, makes the final decision as to who receives the scholarship.

    Mill, a Zelienople resident, was anticipating a strong spring in the 800- and 1,600-meter runs after enduring an injury-filled junior campaign.

    He did well in cross country last fall and during the indoor track season over the winter.

    “I like indoor because it gives me more training before the spring season starts,” said Mill. “I was really excited. I had friends who went out and had great senior seasons the last few years and I was planning on doing the same. The fact that it didn't happen, it sucked.”

    “Tyler was going to be one of our top 800 guys and would have played a key role on our 4x800 relay,” said Peaco.

     Reynolds, who competed in the shot put and discus, said she was “heartbroken” over the lost season.

    “I was seven feet from making the school's top ten (all-time) in the discus,” she added. “But there's nothing you can do. I just took it in stride.”

    Ella Reynolds also received a scholarship from the Seneca Valley track and field program this spring.

    “Ella is a great thrower, but is also a true role model,” Peaco said.

    Despite not being able to see her improvement this spring, Reynolds, a Harmony resident who will study at Temple University, is taking with her fond memories from the last three years.

    “There is so much competition surrounding a meet,” she said. “You're competing with your teammates and with the other team.

    “There's a lot of anticipation the day of a meet, waiting for it to start. You try to get a personal record and see how you did when it's all over.”

    After the season was first put on hold, then canceled altogether, Peaco called each and every one of his 42 seniors.

    “We talked about the good times we had and the resolve we needed to show through all of this,” he said. “It was a two-way street. They learned a little from me and I learned from them. We have a lot of great, mature people in our program.”

    This year's essay tasked the applicants to describe how they would encourage a young person to join the track and field team.

    “I focused on all the friends I made through track,” said Mill, who is headed to Kent State University. “Some of my best friends are younger than me and we never would have met if we weren't on the same team. Other friends, we became even closer because of it.”

    “The track and field team is a big family,” said Reynolds. “Everybody relies on everyone else.”



     Special Announcement: Suggested Workouts:

    Your coaches have provided some new and fresh ideas for your "isolated workouts"!  We are all in this together and we will prevail!  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this terrible virus.  We especially want to thank those who are working hard to come up with a global solution to this pandemic, and to those who are putting their lives at risk working the front lines.  
     General "overall" workout" anyone can do:  (Coach Butchele)
    Something to get the heart rate up, do some strengthening, and work on explosiveness.


    Purpose: kickstart nervous system, increase body temp, heart, and breathing rate, light sweat

    30 seconds each

    • Jumping Jacks
    • Knee to Chest- Lunge
    • Gate Swings (Front to back, Side to side)
    • Pogo Hops (hop with both feet- touch both knees to hands
    • High Knees
    • Butt Kickers
      • ~ 20-30sec each exercise


    Purpose: develop quickness and prepare for Plyometrics.  Do each exercise once and then repeat.

     Two Leg Jumps – Forward/Backward; Side to Side   ~ 2x10sec each exercise

    • Single Leg Hops – Forward/Backward each leg; Side to Side each leg
      • ~ 2x10 sec each exercise


    Purpose: develop explosive movements, deceleration, and power control.  Do each exercise once and then repeat.

     Broad Jumps – 2x5

     Skater Plyo -Stick and Hold each rep– 2x5 each side with 1sec hold on landing



    Purpose: injury prevention and develop joint stability and coordination through the core

    • Shoulder Taps ( push-up position, touch opposite hand to opposite shoulder)

     Bear Crawls 4 steps forward/ 4 steps backwards

     Inchworms- Standing up, legs staright, bend down and walk hands forward to push-up position and back to hands at feet      2x30sec each exercise



    Purpose: develop pure strength and technique

    2 Sets

    • BW Squat Triplex –
      • Arms across chest – x10
      • Arms extended – x10
      • Arms overhead – x10
    • BW (body weight) Release Push Ups (modify from knees if necessary) – 2x10 Go down form push up position, rest on chest, put arms all the way out to side, bring them back, and push BW up.

     2 Sets

    • Backburns – x10 Using a broom stick or hockey stick, lie on your stomach and extend the stick all the way out to full extension. On a 3 count, bring the stick behind your head and extend again
    • See-Saw  Lunges 2 x 10 each leg –

    Lunge forward and then backward with each leg


    Purpose: challenge body and mind, show your grit, and finish proud!

    2 Sets

    • Go non-stop, quickly, with GREAT form- 30 seconds rest in between
      • Squats – 30sec
      • Lateral Lunges – 30sec
      • Skater Plyos – 30sec
      • Squat Jumps – 30sec
    Throwers:  (Coach Gehm, Coach Williams)
    Stretching, Plyos, Form Throwing, Pushups & Abs.
    Advanced Discus Throwers Rotation Drills, Javelin throwers work on their steps. 3-Step, 5-Step, 5 run into a 5-Step, Shot Glide drills.
    If Javelin thrower can throw a football, softball, baseball, tennis ball in an open area.
    Weekly Jumpers Workout:  (Coach Peaco)
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Hills or Stairs Extensive Circuit Jump drills Recovery Circuit
    10 min core multi jumps   10 min core multi jumps  
    Hills:  100m sprints 30 on 30 off 20 to 30m build ups: increase to top speed     (2 sets of 5) fartlek: easy jog add in some plyos throughout 30 on 30 off
    both feet hop 3 sets of 5 10 exercises 10 exercises
    R foot hop 5 min break 2 or 3 sets 2 or 3 sets
    L foot hop   5 min break 10 to 15 min 5 min break
    bound Multi jumps:     2 sets  
    sprint R leg squat you can mix and match exercises this is just an example Jump drills: 5 min break you can mix and match exercises this is just an example
    3 sets L leg squat R leg hop  
    5 min break jumping lunges L leg hop Multi jumps:
        double leg hop sumo squant
    Stairs:      bunny hop R leg squat jump  
    start with quick feet; walk down   jumping lunges RRL hop L leg squat jump pushups
      shoulder taps LLR hop   R leg squat
      R leg deadlift bound   L side plank
    both feet jump   mountain climbers     burpees
    R foot jump   plank     skiers
    L foot jump   burpees     L leg squat
    every step   L leg deadlift     R side plank
    skip a step   ski abs     mountain climbers
    3 sets    tuck jumps     shoulder taps
    5 min break   supermans     wall sit

    Contact Information:    Coach Ray Peaco--peacorf@svsd.net 

    Another spring sports season is fast approaching and with it another opportunity for you to participate in the successful SV Raider Track and Field program.  Many of you have been very busy working on your school work and participating on your various sports teams.  I have enjoyed watching many of you participate in your respective sports this past fall and winter. It is so wonderful to see so many of you participating in more than one sport. 
    Our success in the past is directly related to individuals like you and many others who decide to join our very successful program.  To continue our winning tradition, it will take a commitment from a tremendous number of coaches and student-athletes working together.  
    SV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the move
    Seneca Valley Varsity (9-12) Track and  Field
    Home of the Seneca Valley Track and Field Team
    Home of the SV Raider Track and Field Team

    Welcome to the Seneca Valley Raider Track and Field Program. We are very proud of our student athletes. We encompass both male and female athletes from grades seven through twelve. With the emphasis of the Raider Program on winning through participation, every athlete that is part of our team competes in each home meet. Every athlete contributes to our team and the success of our program. You don't have to be the best, just give your best!

    Track and Field is one of the few team sports that depends on individual performance. Each of our student athletes competes against other schools and against themselves. Each athlete can look back on their time with us with both team and personal satisfaction and accomplishment!

    Raider Track and Field averages over 180 athletes each season. Both programs have been very successful with the boys completing their 41st consecutive winning season with a combined winning percentage of  70% of all their meets.  Since 1976, the boy's overall record is 288 & 124. The girl's team has been winning at a 73% rate in all their meets and have achieved their 36th consecutive winning season. Their current record is 282 & 104 since 1980.

    The Raider Track Program is proud of its many team accomplishments and equally proud of its many individual performances. Each spring we have athletes that qualify for the W.P.I.A.L AND P.I.A.A championships.

    The Seneca Valley Raider Track and Field program is striving for excellence from our student athletes and just as the Seneca Valley School District motto states, we too are: PROUD OF THE PAST AND COMMITTED TO THE FUTURE!!!

    Questions and Comments can be addressed to: Head Coach Ray Peaco at:  peacorf@svsd.netWe want to hear from you! 724-452-6041 x 1073

    Thank You for visiting this site!

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