• SV Varsity Track and Field 2024

    Next Booster Meeting:  February 28, 2024, SHS Room 102, 6:00 PM

    Second Sole Discount Day for SV Track & Field athletes

    Date: Saturday, February 17th

    Time: 10am – 5pm

    Address: 669 Castle Creek Dr, Seven Fields, PA

    Trainers:          10% off

     Spikes:            15% off

      Accessories:   10% off

    A free pair of Second Sole socks for everyone who purchases both a pair of trainers and spikes.

    New season set to begin: February 26, 2024

    Girls Conditioning Monday and Wednesday, 2/26, 2/28

    Boys Conditioning Tuesday and Thursday, 2/27, 2/29

    (Looking for Middle School Track and Field Info? See Here: https://www.svsd.net/Page/122)

    Contact Information:    Coach Ray Peaco--peacorf@svsd.net 

    Another spring sports season is fast approaching and with it another opportunity for you to participate in the successful SV Raider Track and Field program.  Many of you have been very busy working on your school work and participating in your various sports teams.  I have enjoyed watching many of you participate in your respective sports this past fall and winter. It is so wonderful to see so many of you participating in more than one sport. 
    Our success in the past is directly related to individuals like you and many others who decided  to join our very successful program.  To continue our winning tradition, it will take a commitment from a tremendous number of coaches and student-athletes working together.  
    SV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the moveSV Track is on the move
    Seneca Valley Varsity (9-12) Track and  Field
    Home of the Seneca Valley Track and Field Team
    Home of the SV Raider Track and Field Team

    Welcome to the Seneca Valley Raider Track and Field Program. We are very proud of our student athletes. We encompass both male and female athletes from grades seven through twelve. With the emphasis of the Raider Program on winning through participation, every athlete that is part of our team competes in each home meet. Every athlete contributes to our team and the success of our program. You don't have to be the best, just give your best!

    Track and field is one of the few team sports that depends on individual performance. Each of our student athletes competes against other schools and against themselves. Each athlete can look back on their time with us with both team and personal satisfaction and accomplishment!

    Raider Track and Field averages over 180 athletes each season. Both programs have been very successful with the boys completing their 44rd consecutive winning season with a combined winning percentage of  71% of all their meets.  Since 1976, the boy's overall record is 340 & 138.  The girl's team has been winning at a 73% rate in all their meets and have achieved their 38th consecutive winning season. Their current record is 315 & 120 since 1980.

    The Raider Track Program is proud of its many team accomplishments and equally proud of its many individual performances. Each spring we have athletes that qualify for the W.P.I.A.L AND P.I.A.A championships.

    The Seneca Valley Raider Track and Field program is striving for excellence from our student athletes and just as the Seneca Valley School District motto states, we too are: PROUD OF THE PAST AND COMMITTED TO THE FUTURE!!!

    Questions and Comments can be addressed to: Head Coach Ray Peaco at:  peacorf@svsd.netWe want to hear from you!

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