SVPE & Pittsburgh working together for goals and fitness.
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     Bullying Guest Speaker:
    Chris Nilan visited 2/22/13
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    Welcome to Miss Brooks' P.E. website!

    Intermediate High School

    Physical Education Grs 9 & 10

    Email: brookskm@svsd.net

    You have chosen to participate in the
     P.E. Team Sport Model Course

     Units: Cooperative Games, Dynamic Warmups, Static Cool Downs, Target Heart Rates, Ultimate Frisbee, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Workouts, Team Handball, Volleyball, Indoor/Outdoor Golf, CPR (Grade 9), Basketball, Swimming (Rescues, Stroke Refinement, & Water Games), Indoor Soccer, Four Square, Matball, Kayaking, Flag Football, Pickleball, & Tennis.


    7 Days Without Exercise Makes One Weak!
    Fitness Tip:
    Remember to keep a healthy pace & heart rate during exercise. You should be able to speak a short sentence uninterrupted while jogging within your target heart rate zone. (Click here to find your THZ)