• Welcome to our Custom Search Engines for 9th and 10th grade science projects.


    What are custom search engines?

    Search engines that were specifically designed by the Librarian to help reduce the amount of unnecessary or unwanted search results when students are participating in a specific assignment or project.


    What are the advantages of using a custom search engine?

    First, they give students a chance to search the web and make choices and decisions about what information they want to utilize instead of being limited to one or two web sites by their teachers. Second, it eliminates advertisements or known erroneous sites that have plagued certain topics when searching the entire internet.


    Should custom search engines be used for all assignments?

    Definitely not. As part of the Information Literacy Lessons being caught by District Librarians, determining a web site's validity and authority is an important skill for students to master. So most of the time students conduct web searches using techniques they have learned to help determine a web site's authority and validity.