•            * C. Hollowood                  H. Sibeto                     A. Seelbaugh   

                       French I                              German I                           Latin I
                          French II                             German II                       Latin II         
                            Honors French II                  Honors German II           Latin III
                                          French III                    Honors German III         Latin IV  
                                                                          Honors German IV
    L. Miller                     J. Glenz                           K. Henry                        J. Parenti
         Spanish I                       Spanish II                            Spanish II                        Spanish II
                                                 Honors Spanish II                  Honors Spanish II
                                                       Spanish III
    * Denotes Department Chair
    "If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
    that goes to his head.
    If you talk to him in his language,
    that goes to his heart."
    (Nelson Mandela)