Welcome to the Cougar Team!



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    Laptop and Cell Phone Guidelines:
    1.  Laptop devices should be closed for hallway transport and not opened in the classrooms until instructed to do so by a classroom teacher.  Be sure to fully charge your device each night.  Personal headphones are useful for in-class computer use.
    2.  Cell phones should remain in backpacks or lockers unless instructed to use by a classroom teacher.  Misuse will result in the phone being turned in at the front office.  No music or headphones in the hallways.
    Stay connected with SV Portal. 
    RGMS teachers will use the portal to post announcements, team activities, assignments, and grades.  

    SV Portal 


    Cougar STAFF:

    School Counselor- Mr. Stephens-Howling
    724-452-6043   Ext. 3036
    English- Mrs. Hughes
    Health- Mr. Flood
    History- Mr. Donati
    Math- Mr. Palmer

    Reading- Mrs. Vagias
    Science- Mrs. Kuntz

    Speech and Language Services- Mrs. Guilish
    Purpose- Mrs. Loewy
    Learning Support-  Mrs. Schauer
    Support Services-  Mrs. Kasper
    Support Services-  Mrs. Meyer