The Cougar Team



    Laptop Device/Cell Phone Guidelines:
    1.  Laptop devices should be closed for hallway transport and not opened in the classrooms until instructed to do so by a classroom teacher.  Be sure to charge your device each night.
    2.  Cell phones should remain in lockers, be left in backpacks, or placed in phone box upon entering the classroom unless instructed to use by a classroom teacher.  Misuse will result in the phone being turned in at the front office.  No music in the hallways.
    Upcoming Events
    The Cougar Team would like to offer a warm welcome to Mr. Lewis, who will be teaching history, and Ms. Smith, who will be teaching reading during the second semester!  Mr. Donati and Mrs. Vagias are on educational sabbaticals this spring.
    Emails for both new teachers:
    Mrs. Smith - smithke@svsd.net
    Mr. Lewis - lewisbr@svsd.net
      Please continue to check the SV Portal on a regular basis.  
    Cougar students are in need of pencils.  We are handing out writing utensils on a daily basis.  Please make sure your child has a supply in their backpack and locker.
    SAVE the DATE!
    PSSA Testing- ELA April 15, 16, 17
    PSSA Testing- Math April 29, 30
    Cougar Pancake Breakfast & Light of Life Lunchpack- May 3, 2019
    Upcoming Pittsburgh field trip- May 23, 2019

    Weekly Homework

    02/18 to 2/22

    Reminder:  Homework Hub meets every Tuesday and Thursday afterschool in the cafeteria until the 5:15 activity bus.  Students may stay for free!  No sign-up required.

    Students are also encouraged to look at the white board outside of room 226.  The board offers reminders on nightly homework and teachers available for morning help. 









    Act 80 

    Sketch Note Due;

    Nutritional Needs article

    Monocot vs. Dicot 

    Life:  Plants   Anatomy of a Flower Flower Lab 


    Act 80         


     Act 80 Read Novel

    Finish Summarizing
    Black Blizzard 

     Read Novel

    Read Novel
    (5 more days to finish your book!)


    Act 80  Percents Quiz Tomorrow!    Edgenuity Due Tomorrow!   

    Principles of Pre-Algebra

    Act 80   Percents Quiz Tomrrow!   MobyMax Due Tomorrow!   

    Algebra I

    Act 80       Edgenuity Due Tomorrow!  

    English 7

    Act 80   brainstorming finding best evidence

    study - sentence/essay quiz

    20 mins Moby Max language due tomorrow

    Quiz on sentences and essay elements

    Advanced English

     Act 80  finish finding best evidence research/interview for newsletter

    research/interview for newsletter

    20 mins Moby Max language due tomorrow

     newsletter drafting

    Purpose Reading

    Act 80 

    Roots Relay

    Read to 123. 


    Reading due (to pg. 123)

    Characterization chart due. 

    TEST - Lit. terms

    Roots Relay Due 

                         Contact Information:Contact Information:
    Guidance Counselor- Mr. Stephens-Howling
    724-452-6043   ext. 3036
    English- Mrs. Hughes
    Health- Mr. Flood
    History- Mr. Donati (Mr. Lewis)
    Math- Mr. Palmer
    Learning Support-LMrs. Roman
    Reading- Mrs. Vagias (Ms. Smith)
    Science- Mrs. Kuntz

    Speech and Language Services- Ms. Gulish
    Purpose- Mrs. Loewy