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              May 14- 17, 2018
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     TANGERINE novel Unit, including
    "Harrison Bergeron" and the 2 "lyric poems" which we discovered were
    songs:  "The Trees" by RUSH and "The Unforgiven" by Metallica
     Themes:  Appearance vs. Reality, Brotherhood, Search for Truth,
    Coming of Age.
    "Life isn't about finding yourself. 
      Life is about creating yourself." 
      ~George Bernard Shaw
    "You may say I'm a dreamer,
      but I'm not the only one.  I hope, someday,
    you'll join us,
    and the World will live as one."
    ~ John Lennon
    "Love, is the only rational act."
            ~ Levine (as quoted by Morrie Schwartz)
    "The fact is, there is no foundation, no
      secure ground, upon which people may
     stand today if it isn't the family."         
      ~Morrie Schwartz 
     "...pride is a wonderful, terrible thing,
    a seed that bears two vines, life and death"
                      ~ James Hurst, "The Scarlet Ibis"
    LITERARY ANALYSIS is the taking apart
    of the literary work of art (short story, poem, novel, memoir, etc)  to examine
    its "constituent parts" or "elements" in order to critically interpret its meaning,
    evaluate its effectiveness on the reader, and compare/contrast it
    with other works.  
    STRUCTURE of WORDS = The Base + Affixes
    OR Prefix + Root + Suffix = Structure of words 
    See here:  Affixes/ Base Chart
    See here "Mrs. Wolf's General Rules of
    Defining New Vocabulary: Vocabulary Rules!
    Approved on-line dictionary source: www.Merriam-Webster.com for vocabulary work. 
    "CONTEXT CLUE" and STRUCTURE of words
    Text-specific vocabulary will include words taken from the unit literature texts . 
    The 5 W's of Literary Analysis 
    Who is involved? CHARACTER/AUTHOR/READER
    What is the over-all meaning? THEME? *which is
    NOT the same as MORAL*
    What is the conflict? It causes all the action; it is caused by a specific "antagonist."
    When does the action occur and what effect does that have on the action and/or meaning? 
    Setting/time can be a "time of life" or "time of year"
    as well as calendar or clock time
    Where does the action occur and what effect does that have on the action and/or meaning?  
    Setting/place can be specific or general and can greatly affect reader's MOOD
    Why does the author make the choices he/she does? Author makes choices to affect the reader somehow.Author's PURPOSE?  R.I.P.E. The Author's choice creates some effect for the reader.
    Why should it matter to us as  readers? CATHARSIS
    HOW does the author create the Elements of his/her story? Use of a variety of ELEMENTS and literary techniques as well as FIGURATIVE & Descriptive
    Language, dialogue, etc
    "ACES" is the method of analytical/persuasive writing which Purpose students will use to communicate their understanding of the literature texts read in class.  See the ACES STUDY DOCUMENTS HERE:  General ACES format instructions2ACES RUBRIC
    See info here:  What is an "assertion?"
    ***Each of us is the creator of our own
    unique personality, our complex "character,"
    which is based on our choices, experiences,
    our family and friends.
    We should celebrate the diversity of all
    the different kinds of people
    in our communities and in our school!! :)
      See "Functions of Parts of Speech"  here:
    See images here of Sam Herd's "Crop Art"
    The website for  "Harrison Bergeron" can be
    found at this link:  
    Look HERE for "Extra Enrichment Opportunities"