kid reading
     Welcome to Ms. Tyson's classroom!
    Name: Ms. Lisa Tyson
    Grade/Subject: 8 Reading
                               Condors and Eagles
    Room: 121
    Daily Schedule: 
    Pd. 1 - Eagle Planning
    Pd. 2 8 Reading
    Pd. 3 - 8 Reading
    Pd. 4 - Study Hall
    Pd. 5 - 8 Reading
    Pd. 6 -8 Reading
    Pd. 7 - Reading               
    Pd. 8- Planning Time 
    Email: tysonlm@svsd.net

    Class Survey

    Welcome to reading class!  I am both excited and honored to be working with the Condors and Eagles.  We will be learning many advanced reading techniques and developing critical reading skills during our time together.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any input about our class.  I always welcome opportunities to learn and grow as a teacher and person.