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    Bobcats Team ~ English 7 and Advanced English 7

    Important information: 
    I emailed FID #3 to you!  It is also on the portal!
    The Teens and Sleep ICER homework will now be due FRIDAY instead of Thursday because of the cancellation.  (This was in my email to you also and was updated on the Bobcat team homework page.)  You'll have tomorrow (Thurs. 2/21) to work on this assignment in class.

    Welcome to 7th grade, Bobcat students!

    Remember to bring your novel with you to EVERY class.  Not sure what to read?  Check Mrs. Pile's book recommendations or ask Mrs. Calvert, your reading teacher, for a suggestion!

     Spread Kindness and Joy Like Confetti!
    Look for opportunities to spread joy and kindness each day!  Write a thank you note or say thank you to someone, hold the door for someone, volunteer your time ... small acts can make a BIG difference!

    Teacher: Dr. Ashley Pile
     Team: Bobcats
     Grade/Subject: 7th Grade English and Advanced English
     Room #: 219
    Phone: (724) 452-6043 X3260