students in circle
     Welcome to Mrs. Macmillan's classroom website!
     Name: Lee Macmillan
     School:  7-8 Ryan Gloyer Middle School
     Grade/Subject:  7th grade learning support Bobcats team
                             English, Math, and Reading
                             Inclusion World History and Inclusion Integrated Science 7
     Room #:  221P
     Phone: 724-452-6043 ext. 3245
     If you need to schedule a conference about this class please call the RGMS secretary and specifically ask to leave me a message with your phone number.  I will return your call as soon as I can.
    Or, you may email me at macmillanap@svsd.net
    You can also request a conference through your child's guidance counselor.
    7th grade Bobcat guidance counselor is Ms. Jennifer North
    I encourage the students to use their planner for assignments.  Please check the planner nightly for current and long range assignments.
    Daily Schedule:  class held in room 221P
    1st period  Bobcats team plan room 221P
    2nd period Integrated Science 7  room 217 
    3rd period  World History 7 room 220
    4th period  English 7 room 221P
    5th period  Learning strats room 221P
    6th period  Reading room 221P
    7th period  Math 7 room 221P
    8th period Personal plan