• Mrs. Kuntz- Cougar Science Room 216
     Email:    kuntzta@svsd.net  
    Pd. 1-  Duty  
    Pd. 2-  Integrated Science
    Pd. 3-  Team Plan
    Pd. 4-  Integrated Science 
    Pd. 5-  Integrated Science
    Pd. 6-  Plan
    Pd. 7-  Integrated Science
    Pd. 8-  Integrated Science
    Homeroom- 216
    OHPBC  (code for nearpod.com)
    Nutritional Needs Sketchnote  Due Tuesday 2-19
    Plant Test will be Thursday; 3-7-19
    You need computers in class 3-5-19 and 3-6-19
    Be sure that they are charged and ready to go!
    Binder checks 13-22;  check for organization and completion
    Binder Due Monday 3-4-19
    Textbook Access through your SVPortal OR Resources link
    1.  select Life Textbook (not technical support)
    2.  click on the black textbook iScience
    3.  select ebook in the upper right hand corner
    4.  select contents in upper left hand corner
    Science World Magazine
     Join Environmental Club-  
    We meet once a month in Room 216 afterschool.