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    Mrs. Dana Fisher
    Learning Support
    Condors Team

    I am the Learning Support teacher for the Condors team.  As a learning support teacher, my purpose is to work with teachers in their classrooms for all core subject areas (English, Algebra IA, Civics and Economics, and Integrated Science) while using one form of the popular co-teaching models, as well as work with individual students who require my attention.  All students benefit from the co-teaching model. 

    As a parent myself, I fully understand the demands that homework for your children and a full time job entail.  With that, I encourage parents to be fully involved in their student’s education.  This can be done by asking to see their student’s planner, having expectations, discussing grades with their students and making “game plans” for work completion at home.  Discuss with your child how to navigate the academic world by encouraging them to seek out their teachers when they have a question as they are their own best advocate.

    If you have any questions or concerns though, please do not hesitate to contact me.  The most efficient way to contact me is through email. 



    Mrs. Dana Fisher J