• Thespian Troupe (9-12)
    Thespian Troupe #2094 is an honorary organization that recognizes and rewards excellence among participants in the theater arts program.
    Thespian membership should be viewed as an honor. Seneca Valley’s Thespian Troupe is a member of the Educational Theatre Association (EDTA) and International Thespian Society (ITS). The mission of EdTA/ITS is to promote and strengthen theatre in education.
    Students in grades 9-12 may apply for membership and induction.
    Acceptance is based on a point system including involvement in theater in the school and community.
    The Thespians support the All-School Musical, Senior Class Play and Thespian Play.
    They participate in the Homecoming Carnival, STOP, Challenge and the Activities Fair.
    The highlight of the year is an annual trip to New York City to experience Broadway theater.
    Awards presented at the end of the year banquet recognize Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Technician and Best Thespian.
    The group is advised by senior high English teacher Mrs. Amber Hugus at hugusal@svsd.net
    Thespian Motto: “Act well your part; there all the honor lies.”

    Thespian Officers 2011-2012
    President – Elicia Gibson
    Vice President – Aren Morris
    Secretary – Kylie Rapso
    Clerk – Maddie McDonough
    Historian Kimberly Nutter
    Senior High Representatives - Julianna Hritz, Kelly Kress

    Thespian Awards 2010-2011
    Best Thespian – Simon Brown
    Best Actor/Actress – Adam Zahren

    Thespian Awards 2009-2010
    Best Thespian – Megan Abbate
    Best Actor – James Fitzpatrick
    Best Actress – Kristen Sutton


    Thespian Awards 2008-2009
    Best Thespian – Joshua Smith
    Best Actor – Cole Rapso
    Best Actress – Torrance Shepherd


    Challenge Competition
    2010-Thespians 1st Place Winners